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Open Thread for Opening Day

Opening Day is upon us. Tonight the Red Sox and Yankees kick the season off, with the pitching matchup being David Wells for Boston and Randy Johnson for New York, so we'll get a quick peep at those two in their new uniforms.

Generally I'd beg you as Orioles fans to not get caught up in the hype of a Sox/Yankees meaningless season opener, but man, Opening Day is Opening Day.

I recall last year's Opening Day - the Sox and O's, with Sidney Ponson back for us and Pedro Martinez for Boston. Miguel Tejada and Javy Lopez making their Oriole debuts, and Rafael Palmeiro was back on our team. Lopez took Pedro deep in his first at-bat. It was probably the highlight of the 2004 season for me as an Orioles fan. Everything started right.

The Red Sox, of course, got revenge by winning the World Series, while we would fold rather quickly behind the awful pitching staff.

But everything starts anew today. Everyone's 0-0. In my opinion, it is the best day of the year.

This post is up just so you guys can talk about anything you want in the comments. It can be Opening Day-related, O's-related, generally baseball-related - I don't care. But if you're like me, you're excited today. We've got a shot, baby!

Can the Sox and Yankees both lose?