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Gameday Thread: A's at O's

Here we are. No more spring. Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play. It's Opening Day for our 2005 Baltimore Orioles.

The game starts at 3:05 ET.

Today marks the day that Sammy Sosa will sprint out to right field at Camden Yards, a sight I've been anxious to see since the deal was made.

Anything about the game can go in the comments here during the game, after the game, before the game, whenever.

Also, if anyone is going to be at the game, I strongly encourage you to share your thoughts in the diaries. This goes for every game.


Barry Zito, LH Rodrigo Lopez, RH
(0-0, NA) (0-0, NA)

CF M Kotsay 2B B Roberts
C J Kendall 3B M Mora
3B E Chavez SS M Tejada
DH E Durazo RF S Sosa
1B S Hatteberg 1B R Palmeiro
LF E Byrnes C J Lopez
SS B Crosby DH J Gibbons
RF N Swisher CF L Matos
2B M Ellis LF L Bigbie