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Gameday Thread: A's at O's, 4/6

Kirk Saarloos, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (0-0, NA) (0-0, NA) CF M Kotsay 2B B Roberts C J Kendall 3B M Mora 3B E Chavez SS M Tejada DH E Durazo RF S Sosa 1B S Hatteberg 1B R Palmeiro 2B K Ginter C J Lopez LF C Thomas DH J Gibbons RF N Swisher LF L Bigbie SS M Scutaro CF L Matos

There's a story on Cabrera adding 20 pounds of muscle and everyone raving about his potential here. I'm still not quite sold, but I'm getting there. Hope springs eternal and all that.

Bobby Crosby is out for Oakland tonight, and it looks like his back will put him on the 15-day DL. I expect Marco Scutaro will be starting at short for the A's.

The game is at 7:05 and on CSN.