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Post-game thoughts, 4/6

Well, that was terrible. But let's look for some nice things to say from our side.


Todd Williams looked alright. That's all I've got.

Five points of total non-enjoyment:

  1. Daniel Cabrera's newfound control was a myth for this start. Yeah, he only walked two, but he hit two, was all over the place, couldn't finish people off - this is not the stuff we needed to see. This is the stuff we've seen. We all know he throws 95-97 with his heater, but his curve and change were just not there. Awful start to the season for him.
  2. Huston Street making Sosa look like a child with two men on base. We were out of it by then, but it was sort of a last-ditch try at making the game worthwhile at least. Sosa could've hit his first homer and we could've gotten on the board. Instead, whiff.
  3. Kirk Saarloos can pitch a little, but come on already.
  4. Swisher's second homer was a blast. He's got a hell of a swing.
  5. Three hits, and one of them was that rocket that Gibbons ripped past a stumbling Rincon.

Back to Cabrera - this "oozing confidence" thing does nothing for me if he can't get people out. I know he stared Hatteberg down and that looked cool, but all it made me think was, "Tip your cap and get on the mound and do something." Every team needs a little attitude, but combining it with getting shelled is just annoying.

Horrible, terrible, rancid, putrid, pathetic, awful, bad, crappy, weak, anemic, etc. etc. etc.

But, hey, we play again tomorrow.