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Community Opinion: Mike Cameron

I want to hear what you guys think about the continued rumors that the O's are pursuing Mike Cameron. A couple days ago, The Washington Post reported that the Orioles are "convinced" they can land Cameron still, after failing to do so during the spring. From the article:

The club will continue to pursue Cameron, among others, and could offer some of its surplus of relief pitching, which the Mets need.


Orioles relievers John Parrish and Jorge Julio could be used to acquire a center fielder.

Now, obviously, if you can acquire Mike Cameron for John Parrish, you do it. You're talking plus-plus defense in center field and yet another power bat (and moving to a hitter's park for the first time in forever, to boot) in exchange for a mediocre lefty reliever/swingman.

Julio is also not someone I would hold dearly if I could get Mike Cameron for him. I like Julio, more in the setup role than I did as the closer, but he's a replaceable part.

If they were to acquire Cameron, you're getting another guy on the wrong side of 30 with some wrist problems. But you still have a tremendous center fielder that can produce runs if he's healthy, and he's a guy who can steal 20 or so bags still.

My question is (if a deal were to go through, so it's a theoretical question): Would the club be giving up too quickly on Luis Matos? Though Cameron strikes out a lot, he also walks a good amount as well. If healthy, Matos would hit for a higher average, with likely less power and a worse on-base percentage. However, he himself is a plus center fielder with some pop and some speed, and he's six years younger.

What say you? Is Mike Cameron worth a bullpen arm (or two) to this year's club over Matos?