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Gameday Thread: A's at O's, rubber match

Danny Haren, RH Erik Bedard, LH (0-0, NA) (0-0, NA) CF M Kotsay 2B B Roberts LF E Byrnes CF D Newhan C J Kendall 3B M Mora 3B E Chavez SS M Tejada RF B Kielty RF S Sosa DH E Durazo DH R Palmeiro 2B K Ginter C J Lopez 1B N Swisher LF B Surhoff SS M Scutaro 1B J Gibbons

7:05 tonight on CSN, and I think ESPN is carrying the game as well. This is Haren's Oakland debut, and despite that I like Haren, I'd love to see the O's chase him early and get to their bullpen. We'll get our first look at Bedard this season after a very impressive spring. Like Cabrera, he's another guy that needs to show better command this year. I think I like his chances more than Dan's.