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Post-game thoughts: O's 12, Yankees 5

Man, we opened it up on New York tonight. Chased Jaret Wright early, hammered their bullpen after that. Shut up, me.

The good news is that the 12 runs were not reliant on homers. The only guy to hit one was Brian Roberts, who is really raking to start the season. He had a homer left-handed and an RBI triple from the right side. Palmeiro had a couple hits, Javy had a couple hits, Tejada had three, Matos with a double and a triple. Really nice game from the lineup.

The pitching was about what you'd expect from this staff facing the Yankees. Ponson ran out of steam pretty early and gave up four in 5 2/3 IP, but he looked OK for the most part, and no one is relying on him this year like we were last anyway. He's simply in the rotation to eat innings, and he'll do that. And he'll eat most anything else too.

It was a three and a half hour game, which I enjoyed but John Parrish was killing me taking his time, shaking off the signs, walking everyone and their dogs. It was a seven-run game, John, go ahead and put some in there. Parrish's control is clearly still a problem, and I hope we don't see him in a high-leverage situation any time soon.

Overall, though, a great win, a great time to get the offense kickstarted, good enough pitching to do the job, and slugging Brian Bob is winning me right over.

Now all that needs to happen is that first Sammy homer and Melvin Mora not being 1-for-742.