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Post-game thoughts: Yankees 8, O's 5

This was one we just let get away because of bad defense from Tejada, allowing the game-tying run to score. Sierra's homer was just icing for the Yankees. All the momentum was theirs.

Felt a lot like a game from last season. We hit enough to win, chasing Johnson earlier than expected, and the pitching just let us down. Only this time it was the bullpen in the form of The Two Steves instead of the starters. Chen was perfectly good today. He gave us enough to get a W. We just didn't.

Put a shaky bullpen and a shaky D together and you're probably going to lose. This is just one of those times you shake your head, acknowledge the mistakes, and get 'em tomorrow.

I'll be out of town tonight so if there are any big news flashes, do me a favor and post it in the diaries. I don't expect anything, but you never know, Sosa might get traded back for Jerry Hairston.