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Post-game thoughts: O's 7, Rays 5

This team refuses to lose, and refuses to be shut out...of our hearts.

Who is this Brian Roberts? Make it eight homers for both him and Tejader, and Brian Bob broke the game open with a three-run jack that put the O's ahead in the bottom of the eighth. I was a little worried when Gomes led off the top of the ninth with a pinch-hit homer, but Ryan kept his composure and shut it out.

I'm pretty sure this team has no idea they aren't supposed to be doing this.

So that was some April, wasn't it? Roberts hits .380 with eight homers, Mora recovers from a miserable start to tear the cover off the ball, Tejada is hitting everything and hard, Javy Lopez is getting it done. Hell, Chris Gomez is playing like a viable platoon first baseman. Where is this coming from?

And the pitching, my goodness. Lopez, Chen and Bedard - where'd you come from? Todd Williams?

It's hard not to get excited about this team. They're exciting. I expect to win every game now. That's wrong to do in its own way, but that's how fans of good teams feel, right? You expect to win. It's a blow when you lose.

16-7 for April. First place. Our Baltimore Orioles. How about it?