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Gameday Thread: Twins at O's, 05/10

     Brad Radke, RH                  Erik Bedard, LH
     (3-3, 3.60)                     (3-1, 2.50)

     LF S Stewart                    2B B Roberts
     2B N Punto                      LF L Bigbie
     C  J Mauer                      3B M Mora
     1B J Morneau                    SS M Tejada
     CF T Hunter                     1B R Palmeiro
     DH M LeCroy                     C  J Lopez
     RF L Ford                       RF B Surhoff
     3B M Cuddyer                    CF L Matos
     SS J Bartlett                   DH J Gibbons

So this is on CSN at 7:05, but Extra Innings has decided there are probably more people wanting to see Kansas City at Toronto. Thus I won't see this game, the one in the series I really wanted to see. Also no TV for Santana/Ponson tomorrow. Super.

And given my closeness to Chicago, I'm blacked out of the White Sox games that aren't on WGN. Excuse me while I breathe slowly - I just wanna watch the games.

OK, well, now that I'm done complaining about my exile in the midwest and the fortunes of it all, here's the scoop on tonight's matchup, again reprinted by me and written by CarrieIC:

Tough one. Radke's on fire right now. So is Bedard. This is our best chance to see a genuine pitcher's duel.

The key about Radke is, he takes time to settle down. The last few starts nonwithstanding, he tends to spot the opposing team 2 or 3 runs in the first inning. If the O's take that for all it's worth, and try and stretch it into 3 or 4 runs, that's their best chance. Radke will settle down and shut them down, and even with Rincon on suspension, the Twins bullpen is nigh untouchable. Once Joe Nathan comes in, you're done.

Bedard, on the other hand, is spotting no one anything. But he's not nearly as stable and reliable as Radke is. He's had several good starts, and has all the makings of a phenomenal pitcher, but sooner or later here, he's going to have a bad day. The question is just whether the bad day will be Tuesday or not.

50-50 odds on this one.