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Gameday Thread: O's at White Sox

     Bruce Chen, LH                  Jon Garland, RH
     (4-1, 3.12)                     (6-0, 2.42)

Game time is 8:05 available on CSN and WGN. The O's and White Sox are the two most surprising teams in the AL thus far, both playing over their heads. This is also a matchup of two of the most surprising starters in the AL this year with Chen and Garland, both pitching a smidge over their heads. Until I see this Jon Garland phenomenon in real time, I refuse to believe it.

It's the first of a four-game series at the Cell, and we're still reeling a bit from the losses in the outfield. I think it'd be a boost to at least split this series and try to hold on while Sosa and Matos aren't in the lineup (not that either of them were doing a lot of damage, but still). The Red Sox lost Schilling and Wells and are hanging in there pretty well. I think if we continue to play well, we'll continue to win.

Which of these teams is more likely to be in the postseason at the end? The White Sox have the more enviable division, with only Minnesota looking like they're going to contend with them. I mean let's face it, the Orioles are starting to plateau a little, and Boston is coming on, Toronto is hanging, and don't look now but the Yankees have won five straight.

The White Sox are 11-3 at home, the O's are 9-2 on the road. Should be a good one.