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Post-game thoughts: White Sox 3, O's 2

Well just who in the hell is Jon Garland? He is pitching like a man possessed. Please believe it.

Larry Bigbie leaves the game with a tight hammy. Just great. Fiorentino stepped in and went 2-for-2, so that's delightful. Bigbie is currently day-to-day, but so was Sosa. Losing another outfielder would be brutal right now, as we'd then have Newhan, Surhoff, Gibbons, Fiorentino and Reed. If Bigbie goes on the DL, what are the odds Walter Young is passed over again? Does he have a bad temper like Ralph Cifaretto?

Tomorrow's game is also 8:05 and it'll be Roddy versus "Burly" Mark Buehrle, another White Sox pitching throwing very well this season. Chicago's recent precedents of crapping out aside, the White Sox look like they're a real contender this year.