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Gameday Thread: O's at White Sox, 05/13

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               Mark Buehrle, LH
     (2-1, 4.46)                     (5-1, 3.78)

CSN Baltimore and CSN Chicago both carry the game tonight at 8:05. Personally I'll listen on poorly received Chicago sports radio.

Big news of the day: Sosa has a staph infection in his foot. Two-to-four weeks is the official estimate.

In the meantime, Laura Vecsey did an article about Mike Cameron and the possibility of trading for him. We've already discussed this here, but does it make any more sense to you guys at this stage? Frankly, while I am in favor of Cameron (if the potential circumstances were right), I don't see how temporarily losing Sosa and Matos really makes him more valuable. They'll be back. And it's May.

We could use a win tonight. The three teams behind us are charging.