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Post-game thoughts: White Sox 5, O's 3

Scary: The magic of this team has worn off. Keith Reed starting in center is horrifying. I like the idea to go back to Roberts-Mora-Tejada at the top with Javy fourth, but it just wasn't in the cards tonight. The White Sox are good. They are really good right now.

Todd Williams has returned to what should be expected high-end of him, which is a serviceable middle reliever. Things could get ugly with the team banged up.

Man, I don't want to nay-say, but really, I'm getting scared of a sudden collapse. It's just because I feel almost trained to expect one. And the kinks are coming out. For one thing, we have got to stop committing so many errors.

But tomorrow's another day. Daniel Cabrera takes the mound, looking for his third straight dominant start. Let's go O's.