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Gameday Thread: O's at White Sox - looking for a split

     Erik Bedard, LH                 Jose Contreras, RH
     (3-1, 2.31)                     (1-0, 3.18)

Is Erik Bedard our real ace? You betcha. I hate me some Contreras, but the guy has been pitching well. Getting a little redundant for the ChiSox starters, huh? They're all good. His K-to-BB still stinks.

How about Jeff Fiorentino, huh? 3-for-5 yesterday, scored twice, got a double. Here's a little hypothetical: What if Fiorentino is hitting when Matos comes off the DL? Do you simply tell him he did a good job and make room for him at Ottawa? He's undeniably the real future at CF for this club. He's 22, so he's not super young, but he turned 22 last month, and still, that's pretty young. I've never been a big Matos supporter, but I think personally I'd pat Jeff on the back and tell him to keep it up with the Lynx. Just to be safe. I'm terrified of the few prospects we have not panning out. I want them to be prepared when they start going for it full-time.

A split would be nice, just for appearances' sake. And plus, you know, winning is fun. Game time is 3:05 on WNUV and CSN Chicago.