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Gameday Thread: Phillies at O's, 05/21

     Vicente Padilla, RH             Erik Bedard, LH
     (1-4, 7.52)                     (4-1, 2.35)

Game time is 7:05 on WNUV and I think CSN Philly, but I don't have the game so I'm not sure about the Philly network.

We can go without saying that yesterday's performance stunk. But in good news, Sammy is hoping to be back by Tuesday.

As for today, Bedard is our mainest man, our go-to starter, and after Cabrera's crapfest yesterday, preceded by a rough-ish start from Roddy Lopez, both games losses, we could use his mojo. Padilla is terrible, and terribly ugly. Just not a handsome man at all.