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Post-game thoughts: Phillies 7, O's 2

Cory Lidle dominated our lineup today, but I'm not really worried about it. Lidle's going to have games like that, and our lineup is prone to them. Good news is Sammy should be back for the Seattle series.

The bad news is we absolutely do need another starter in place of either Cabrera or Ponson. It's not even that I don't like Cabrera now, so I'd rather it be Ponson if we could ship him out in a deal and pay a chunk of his salary. Some days he's a fine pitcher, some days he sucks. The last thing this team needs is a consistently inconsistent pitcher with no real upside, which Cabrera has. And Cabrera, on his good days, is better than Ponson on his good days already.

The rumor of Gibbons and a pitcher for a veteran intrigues me. Gibbons has been decent so far, but that just means to me that you trade him while he's got some market value, especially if you can get a worthwhile veteran starter out of the deal. To me, Chen is still a wild card, and Roddy Lopez has been less-than-inspiring lately. We've got Bedard, who's as good as gold right now, and past that a bunch of trouble.

I still wish we'd signed Kevin Millwood. He's been quite good for Cleveland and gotten no support from their crap offense. With the Tribe struggling, it wouldn't surprise me if they'd take a deal for him. They could use a corner outfielder anyway. I don't think Millwood is a world-beater or anything, but give him support the way he's pitching this year and you've got a more than capable piece of a rotation.

But in the meantime, we've got a home series with the Mariners, all three games on CSN, and then we host Detroit for three before traveling up to Fenway Park starting on Monday. We're still playing pretty good ball, but we can't afford much of a losing streak. This team has played too well for the first month and a half for me to accept them as a team playing over their heads. I want to win, because we can.