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Gameday Thread: Mariners at O's

     Joel Pineiro, RH                Bruce Chen, LH
     (2-3, 6.52)                     (5-2, 3.63)

     RF Ichiro                       2B B Roberts
     LF R Winn                       CF J Fiorentino
     3B A Beltre                     3B M Mora
     1B R Sexson                     SS M Tejada
     2B B Boone                      DH S Sosa
     DH R Ibanez                     1B R Palmeiro
     C  M Olivo                      C  J Lopez
     CF J Reed                       LF B Surhoff
     SS W Valdez                     RF J Gibbons

Game time is 7:05 on CSN. All three games of the series will be on the same network, I think for the first time this season.

Sammy might be back tonight, so that's good news. Chen needs to give us six and then Mazz needs to get him out. Enough with the seventh inning Chen meltdown that makes too many games more interesting than they should be.

Pineiro stinks. I, like most, was all about that guy a few years ago, but he's just never developed properly. I was seriously sure he was going to be one of the nastiest starters in the game by now.

Visit my colleagues over at Lookout Landing. You should visit them frequently, in fact, but since we're playing their team, I thought I'd mention them. They do fine work and are classy gentlemen. Much smarter than I am, too.

Note: Tonight is Tejada's 800th consecutive game.