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Post-game thoughts: We hate Seattle

3-2 win, and a gutty late comeback win at that, with a great starting performance from Bruce Chen, a sac fly from Sammy to tie it up, and a huge Gibbons blast to take the lead, but that's not what's important.

Javy Lopez broke his finger and will go on the 15-day DL. Geronimo Gil is now again the starting catcher, and while I like The Chief just fine in a backup role where he throws the ball to second base, thinking of him batting that much makes me gag.

Brian Roberts went down late in the game and was replaced by Chris Gomez. He had trouble even walking off the field. Let's just hope all it was was a Charlie horse or something, because while we can't afford losing Lopez, we sure as hell can't afford losing Lopez and our best player.

The Mariners also plunked Rafael Palmeiro, but it was that jerk Jeff Nelson so what can you expect. I'd have to expect some payback in tomorrow's game since we weren't in a situation to do it tonight.

Anyway, I think we've united in hating the Mariners now. Let's just hope for the best with Brian Bob and try to ride out not having Javy behind the plate.

We got a game comin' up tomorrow against the Mariners. What does that mean to you guys?


Damn right.