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Gameday Thread: Mariners at O's, 05/26

     Ryan Franklin, RH               Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (2-5, 4.53)                     (3-3, 5.91)

     RF Ichiro                       2B B Roberts
     LF R Winn                       LF D Newhan
     3B A Beltre                     3B M Mora
     1B R Sexson                     SS M Tejada
     DH R Ibanez                     RF S Sosa
     2B B Boone                      1B R Palmeiro
     CF J Reed                       DH J Gibbons
     C  M Olivo                      C  S Fasano
     SS W Valdez                     CF L Bigbie

Franklin had a rough '04 and is sporting a 1-to-1 K-to-BB ratio so far this season. He's actually not giving up much for hits (44 in 55.2 IP, .215 BAA), so his WHIP is fine at 1.20. He started the season in the Seattle pen, and has been pretty decent in their rotation thus far.

We all know the story with Cabrera. Either get your foam finger that says CABRERA on it out, or get the other foam finger that says CABRERA on it out.

If anyone missed the Javy Lopez update from yesterday during the game (it was the first I'd heard of it), Javy will have surgery that will put a plate and screws into his hand, hopefully allowing him to recover a couple of weeks quicker. Most likely he's out six weeks, so figure just before or just after the All-Star break. Sal Fasano was re-signed to serve as our No. 2 catcher behind Gil.

``They're both defensive catchers, so I'm going to have to mix and match,'' manager Lee Mazzilli said. ``We'll just play the card that's hot.''

Then let's see Fasano, because Gil has had two hits (both singles) in his last 15 at-bats. I don't know where people (Buck Martinez) got this idea that Geronimo had a torrid April, because he hit .241/.241/.276. He's now hitting .200/.200/.280. I love Gil's arm, but the guy absolutely cannot hit. He has never hit once ever. He's not going to. If Fasano is swinging a big bat for the next ten minutes, it wouldn't hurt to play him, especially if you're going to tell me Fasano is also good defensively. Get it together, Lee. Give Big Pussy Fasano his fair shot.

Game time is 7:05 on CSN.