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Yankees and Sox! Yankees and Sox!

From a wire report:

No disrespect, Orioles, but as the New York Yankees' Randy Johnson prepared to square off tonight against the Boston Red Sox's Tim Wakefield, some of the Big Unit's teammates considered the Red Sox their most formidable foe as they chase their eighth straight division title.

"They're not going to last," infielder Rey Sanchez said of the Orioles. "Something is going to go wrong. Everybody who has been around long enough knows it's going to be the Yankees and the Red Sox."

Pitcher Tanyon Sturtze echoed the sentiment.

"You don't really hear too much about the Orioles, even though they're at the top of our division," Sturtze said. "It's still, when are the Yankees or the Red Sox going to start coming after them?"

Everybody who has been around long enough knows that this Yankee team is not that great when Rey Sanchez and Tanyon Sturtze are making the big statements.

I have no fear of the New York Yankees this season. I don't have much of the Boston Red Sox. I've seen our team handle both of them. I know we can beat them. Our team knows they can beat them. That's important, I reckon, to not be scared to death of either of them.

But you can only shut them up by continuing to win, and when you get your chances, beating them directly. So that'll have to be done.

I say bring it, you overpaid chumps. I've got Bruce Chen, and I'm not afraid of you. Alarmingly enough, I mean that.