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Gameday Thread: Tigers at O's - The Debut of Hayden

     Jason Johnson, RH               Hayden Penn, RH
     (2-4, 3.55)                     (0-0, ---)

     3B B Inge                       2B B Roberts
     DH C Guillen                    LF B Surhoff
     1B D Young                      3B M Mora
     LF R White                      SS M Tejada
     C  I Rodriguez                  RF S Sosa
     RF C Monroe                     1B R Palmeiro
     2B O Infante                    DH J Gibbons
     SS J Smith                      C  S Fasano
     CF N Logan                      CF D Newhan

Johnson has actually been pretty good this season. In fact, if he keeps at his current pace, it will be his best season, replacing that promising 2001 he had for us.

But most importantly, here we are. Hayden Penn's major league debut. He is the No. 1 pitching prospect, if not the best prospect we have period. Penn is going to be special if nothing goes wrong. He's 20 years old, tall (6'3") and thin (185). Like Fiorentino, he is probably going to look positively tiny despite not being all that small.

You know, we really do have a bunch of big guys on this team.

Cabrera 6'7", 255
Baldwin 6'3", 266
Ponson 6'1", 253
Ryan 6'6", 249
The Todd 6'3", 220
Kline 6'1", 240
Julio 6'1", 236
Bigbie 6'4", 207
Fasano 6'2", 246
Gil 6'2", 229

Only five players on the current 25 man roster are under six feet tall: Parrish and Mora (5'11")' Newhan (5'10"); Tejada and Roberts (5'9").

This is going to be interesting. I think I'm going to be out during the game, but I'll be taping if that's the case. I'm not missing my first chance to see Penn in action. It's an anxious debut. Hopefully, he won't get bombed, and we won't see James Baldwin. Oh, how I hope to never see James Baldwin.

Game time is 4:35 on WJZ and FSN Detroit.