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Gameday Thread: Tigers at O's, 05/29

     Wilfredo Ledezma, LH            Bruce Chen, LH
     (2-4, 6.53)                     (5-2, 3.51)

     3B B Inge                       2B B Roberts
     SS R Martinez                   LF B Surhoff
     1B D Young                      3B M Mora
     RF C Monroe                     SS M Tejada
     DH I Rodriguez                  RF S Sosa
     LF M Thames                     1B C Gomez
     2B O Infante                    DH J Gibbons
     C  V Wilson                     C  G Gil
     CF N Logan                      CF J Fiorentino

Game time is 1:35 on WNUV and FSN Detroit.

The Tigers, as I said earlier this season, are the type of team that isn't going to go anywhere but will be a thorn in the side of good teams. They've been a thorn in ours so far, but thankfully in the meantime the Yankees and Sox have split two, and we can get some more ground with a series coming up at Fenway.

But we could use a win today, and Bruce Chen will need to step in and get something done, but even more than that the offense needs to get going. It's been homers or nothing lately, and you can't win consistently just relying on everyone to go deep.

I like Wil Ledezma, really, but I hope we pummel him.