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Gameday Thread: O's at Red Sox, 05/30

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               Bronson Arroyo, RH
     (3-2, 4.41)                     (4-1, 3.19)

     2B B Roberts                    CF J Damon
     3B M Mora                       SS E Renteria
     SS M Tejada                     DH D Ortiz
     RF S Sosa                       LF M Ramirez
     1B R Palmeiro                   RF T Nixon
     LF B Surhoff                    C  J Varitek
     DH J Gibbons                    1B J Olerud
     C  S Fasano                     3B B Mueller
     CF D Newhan                     2B R Vazquez

Game time is 7:05 on CSN, NESN and ESPN2.

We're running into the Red Sox as they're heating up, with Javy Lopez and Erik Bedard on the DL, offensive holes in center field and behind the plate, and coming off a three-game sweep at home at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. Bad timing? Perhaps.

The Sox are three back right now, with Toronto and the Yankees three and a half behind us. This is a four-game series so it's either gaining ground for us or losing it to Boston and maybe the other two. Hopefully we can at least split the series; winning three of four would be excellent, of course, but a split would suit me with where we are health-wise.

Arroyo has been very good for Boston, as he and Clement have picked up the slack left by Schilling and Wells. Arroyo is another guy I like, but I hope he goes down in flames tonight. Roddy Lopez takes the hill for us after a fantastic start his last time out against Seattle. To say this is a better lineup and more of a challenge is an enormous understatement.

If I see Steve Reed at any point in this series, I'm turning the game off. Or at least covering my eyes.