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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 05/04

Roy Halladay, RH
(4-1, 3.40)

Erik Bedard, LH
(2-1, 2.84)
LF R Johnson 2B B Roberts
2B O Hudson 3B M Mora
CF V Wells SS M Tejada
3B C Koskie RF S Sosa
DH S Hillenbrand DH R Palmeiro
RF A Rios C J Lopez
1B E Hinske 1B J GIbbons
C K Huckaby CF L Matos
SS J McDonald LF L Bigbie

We're stuck with the 3:05 game time. The 3:05/3:35 is, in my opinion, the worst game time possible. At 1, you can watch the game and go do something. At 7, you know the game is what you're doing. But at 3, you've got the game and then you've got to make a to-do about doing something, because you could be going at 6 or 7:30 or who knows when.

I traded Halladay from my fantasy team (for Roy Oswalt and Jose Vidro along with Jose Mesa), so I no longer have any conflict of interest in these games. Halladay dominated the Yankees last time out, but I don't put a lot of stock into that really, because the Yankees stink.

Bedard, unlike Cabrera, has had the improved control that was advertised from his spring work, and his solid K-rate has held up from lsat year. Without the walks last season, Bedard would've been a pretty damn good pitcher.

We need this win. Toronto is two games back and the Red Sox are three back, though our schedule is still in our favor for the rest of May. Still, I like winning, and I hate getting swept at home, so let's win and not get swept at home.