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Post-game thoughts: O's 5, Jays 1 - NO SWEEP FOR YOU!

Man, I missed all the GOOD parts of the game, leaving the house at 0-0 in the top of the sixth. Thankfully all the comments on the game thread caught me up to how it went pretty easy. Thanks, guys, it was really nice to get home to see everyone that excited about the game and talking that much. This site is here so you guys can talk, in comments and in diaries. You're helping make this a success just by using it. I was at Bennigan's when I saw the O's had won 5-1 and Bedard had 12 Ks.

Checking the box score, Bedard really threw 126 pitches didn't he? That's insane for this point in the season. The dominance is nice, but the rash of arm injuries the last few seasons in particular makes me realize the danger in throwing 130 pitches in May.

Sammy and Javy, baby. Sammy, you've got a pass with me (and I gathered others) for a while thanks to that double. Honestly, this was a "big" game. Getting swept at home to start what should be a relatively easy month would've been bad news. This team is going to get cold with the bats and it will lead to losses, but they woke up in the eighth inning, which is just in time. And the last time they got cold for two games and woke up, they won eight in a row.

We're kicking off with the Royals on Friday. The KC starter? Denny Bautista. And on Saturday, it's LIMA TIME baby!