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Possible roster changes

Ellie Hendricks was at the ballpark yesterday, and CSN had a bit with him prior to the game, but on Friday he'll resume his duties as the bullpen coach, according to the Sun.

In the same article, there's a note about Mazz having conversations with BeatAgan about dropping from 12 to 11 pitchers on the major league roster. I have to assume Bauer would be sent down on account of Parrish being left-handed. Parrish has the same ability to long relieve that Bauer does, too.

If a pitcher goes, who do you bring up?

Alejandro Freire has always shown pretty decent power, but we've got no real use for another infielder. Keith Reed still sucks.

Walter Young. Here's a guy with real power that can take the load off at first and DH, and maybe add another bat. We're all starting to die watching Palmeiro attempt to hit anymore. It's sad and upsetting, not to mention just plain bad. And Gibbons isn't a whole lot better.

I'm thinking they might go with a third catcher, though. I'm no fan of carrying three catchers, but the fact that the team is hitting as is, and you've got Javy Lopez DHing more than usual, leaving us with just Gil, could justify that third catcher.

You can then pinch-hit for Gil late if you start him for defensive purposes, because Gil can't hit. Gil was a decent hitter at Double-A for a couple years, and that's as far as he goes. The man cannot hit. And when he starts and Javy DHs, there's nothing that can be done about having him in the lineup when you might rather have someone else at the plate.

Sal Fasano is the guy at Ottawa we could use for such a purpose. It's basically a big, silly tactical idea, though one that I think could actually be worth the time.

I'd prefer Young, since he might be a real player, but I'd kind of understand a third catcher is what I'm saying, and there's really no one else within the organization that makes much sense at this point.