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Gameday Thread: Royals at O's

Denny Bautista, RH Sidney Ponson, RH (2-1, 4.55) (3-1, 6.67) CF D DeJesus 2B B Roberts 2B R Gotay LF D Newhan DH M Sweeney 3B M Mora RF M Stairs SS M Tejada 1B K Harvey 1B R Palmeiro LF T Long C J Lopez SS A Berroa RF B Surhoff 3B M Teahen CF L Matos C J Buck DH J Gibbons

That ol' kooky bullpen. Read about the bonding of the 'pen here. I enjoyed it, I like our bullpen. Pink Barbie bag, come on, Steve Reed! Buncha jokers.

Look, it's Denny Bautista! Jason Grimsley would be out in our bullpen jokering around, but instead he's on the DL. And we only gave up a guy whose opponents batting average is .223, has a WHIP of 1.18, and is striking out a bit under one an inning. Yay! It'd be karma for this guy to shred us today.

On our side, it's Ol' Sidney P! He's had one good start so far this season. I'm excited about him! And I don't wanna hear any "It's only the Royals" jive, because it's been only the Tigers and Devil Rays (twice) that have thoroughly whipped him so far this season, not to mention the other time it was only the Yankees. They stink.

The real money for this series is tomorrow, when Bruce Almighty steps into the lion's den known as Lima Time. I don't like to look past games, but Chen v. Lima is something so marvelous that I can't help myself.

Game time is 7:35 and on CSN.