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Gameday Thread: Royals at O's, Mother's Day

     Brian Anderson, LH              Rodrigo Lopez, RH
     (1-2, 6.91)                     (2-1, 3.55)

     CF D DeJesus                    2B B Roberts
     2B T Graffanino                 CF L Matos
     DH M Sweeney                    3B M Mora
     1B K Harvey                     SS M Tejada
     RF M Stairs                     DH J Lopez
     LF E Brown                      RF J Gibbons
     SS A Berroa                     1B C Gomez
     3B M Teahen                     LF L Bigbie
     C  J Buck                       C  G Gil

Cutting this one close, game time is 1:35. I won't get to see it but it's just as well since it's been a silly busy weekend for me. Well, OK, it's not just as well, I'd rather watch the game. I missed yesterday's after things came up, too. Brian Roberts is still just ridiculous.

Sosa may return tomorrow against the Twins, according to Mazz and Richie Bancells. Bancells says the foot is getting better, but just needs to heal.

Let's go ahead and sweep for everyone's moms. If there are any mothers in the community, happy Mother's Day!