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Melvin Mora and the win

Nice win tonight. As noted on this site by one of our users, the Reds can be a tough team with Harang on the mound, since they have some hitters. To earn a 4-3 win after the debacles at Pittsburgh is good to see.

Remember that Melvin Mora funk, the one he started the season in? And remember how he got hot after that? He's just crushing the ball right now. A three-run homer tonight was the difference. Melvin is now somewhat quietly hitting over .300 (his walks are way down, though, and his OPS is below his last two years) with 13 homers. He's also become a pretty decent third baseman. A-Rod should start, but Melvin should be an All-Star.

Eli Marrero has officially joined the team, with Calzado returning to Ottawa.