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Gameday Thread: Stros at O's, 06/14

     Andy Pettitte, LH               Bruce Chen, LH
     (3-6, 3.43)                     (5-4, 3.61)

     CF W Taveras                    2B B Roberts
     LF C Burke                      3B M Mora
     DH C Biggio                     SS M Tejada
     1B L Berkman                    RF S Sosa
     3B M Ensberg                    CF E Marrero
     RF J Lane                       1B C Gomez
     SS A Everett                    DH B Surhoff
     C  B Ausmus                     C  G Gil
     2B E Bruntlett                  LF L Bigbie

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and FSN Southwest.

If you've read any previews for this game today, you know that Andy Pettitte owns Baltimore over his career. Frankly, I didn't miss him when the Yankees let him go. And think about this: How stupid does New York look for letting Pettitte go with that rotation they've got now? Pettitte was hurt last year, sure, but injuries are not something you plan for either way I don't think, unless you're the Cubs. Pettitte has pitched quite well this season, with the Astros' lack of offense hurting him. It's the NL v. the AL, sure, but Pettitte would almost certainly be more effective for the Yankees than Kevin Brown, Pavano, Mussina or Wright, and you're talking what was four-fifths of the opening day Yankee rotation.

Chen has gotten good marks for his consistency and he deserves it. He's pitched well enough to win most starts. Chen and Pettitte have actually had almost identical seasons thus far. The two are separated by .02 in WHIP, and even the way they got to their WHIP number is similar: Chen has allowed 73 hits and walked 19, Pettitte has allowed 74 hits and walked 15. Hitters are batting .255 against Pettitte, and .249 against Chen. Chen has 52 K in 77.1 IP, Pettitte 52 in 76.

So as you can see, we've got a bit of an intriguing matchup. The righty-heavy lineup of Houston shouldn't bother Chen too much, since as I've mentioned before he has a weird pro-RH split. May the curveballs swoop in abundance and may revenge be served to Mr. Pettitte and his eyebrows.