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Bad News for the Us

This has made the rounds already, but I kept laying off talking about it. Maybe I hoped it was a hoax.

Anyway, have you enjoyed Hayden Penn's gutty attempts at pitching on the major league level? Oh, you have? Well, super! Prepare for another month, at least, of it, because Erik Bedard is still not close to returning.

I am torn here. I have to respect Bedard's opinion - "It's progressively healing, but slowly," Bedard said, drawing out the final word for emphasis. "No need to push it. I would rather wait." - on his own health, but at the same time, the macho man jerk in me questions his toughness with what really should be considered a rather minor injury. I'm not saying a strained knee ligament is a picnic basket full of fresh apples or anything, but we're also not talking about a major setback.

And on the one hand, yeah, I want Erik to protect himself because he's shown he's got the stuff to be the ace of this staff for years to come. The other hand says, "Dude, we need you, rehab hard and get out there."

But what can you do, I guess? Another month of Hayden Penn, let's just keep winning.