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Grimsley back soon?

In what's a bit of a surprise, Jason Grimsley is feeling good after surgery last October, and is ready to throw. This could mean Grimsley returning from the DL far earlier than expected, as almost no one really thought he'd pitch this year.

Grimsley will throw a bullpen session, and everyone will decide where to go from there. If it goes well, he could begin a rehab assignment, which I would guess would be in Bowie so he's nearby and they can easily keep tabs on him.

If Grimsley were to return, what does that do? It probably sends Chris Ray back to the minors with Grimsley in his place, which I could live without. I really don't see what good Grimsley will be to this bullpen, considering he's never been all that great (he's really only had one top-notch season, which was 2001), and he's 37 years old.

It's not that I doubt he can come back from the injury, because I think he can. I just don't see what need the Orioles really have for him at this stage. If we could move him to another team for just about anything, that would work for me. Good luck to him regardless, because if he came back this quick from such a major operation, it'd be near a miracle.