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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 06/21

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               Gustavo Chacin, LH
     (6-2, 4.21)                     (6-4, 3.39)

     2B B Roberts                    RF A Rios
     CF L Matos                      LF F Catalanotto
     3B M Mora                       CF V Wells
     SS M Tejada                     3B S Hillenbrand
     RF S Sosa                       DH A Hill
     DH J Gibbons                    1B E Hinske
     1B C Gomez                      C  G Zaun
     LF E Marrero                    2B O Hudson
     C  G Gil                        SS R Adams

Game time is 7:07 on CSN and RSN.

Aaron Hill, who had a big game yesterday, is killing the ball his last five games: 15-for-21 with his first major league homer coming yesterday in the opening inning. Chen finally had a bad start. It was going to happen, it did, we lost, whatever. And Ted Lilly was excellent.

Chacin has emerged as a second reliable starter in the Toronto rotation alongside Halladay. He's been a little lucky, though, as his 1.40 WHIP doesn't quite support the 3.39 ERA. But nevertheless, he's been a solid starter. One thing in our favor is Chacin is much, much better on the road than he is at home. 2.65/1.31 away from the Rogers Centre, and 4.82/1.57 there. The fact that he's made nine of his 14 starts in a grey uniform has helped his overall numbers.

Chacin pitched against us earlier this season and had a weird line, going 7 1/3 with five walks and two strikeouts, but just two earned runs and scattered seven hits. He was roughed up in his last start against the Brewers.

Career-wise, Lopez is real bad against the Jays (1-4, 6.80/1.85, .345 BAA, 72 hits in 47.2 innings - yow), but even worse against them in Toronto: five starts, 1-3 record, and an ugly 9.64/2.06 ERA/WHIP combo. This one looks like it could be a festival of base hits and home runs. And what do we always say when that looks probable? Pitchers' duel.

Oh and just as a quick sidenote, Mike DeJean was released by the Mets yesterday. That guy has fallen off a cliff.