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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 06/22

     Daniel Cabrera, RH              Pete Walker, RH
     (5-6, 5.54)                     (2-0, 1.24)

     2B B Roberts                    SS R Adams
     CF L Matos                      LF F Catalanotto
     SS M Tejada                     CF V Wells
     RF S Sosa                       3B S Hillenbrand
     1B R Palmeiro                   DH A Hill
     DH J Gibbons                    1B E Hinske
     3B C Gomez                      C  G Zaun
     LF L Bigbie                     RF G Gross
     C  G Gil                        2B O Hudson

Game time is 7:07 on CSN and RSN.

Cabrera was good last time out and got no help, plus he got the job from that fan that caused a home run. I'd almost forgotten about that guy.

This will be Pete Walker's first start of the season after appearing in relief 16 times. He's pitched 36.1 innings with a 1.24/1.13/.217 line, 18 strikeouts to 13 walks. He's even got two saves.

Walker, 36, has become a moderately useful swingman for the Jays the last three seasons after a long, long time in obscurity dealing with cups of coffee. Before 2002, Walker pitched in just 20 major league games, 13 of which came with the Mets in 1995. It's been a long, strange trip for Pete Walker. He's also a career 0-for-1 hitter.

Boy would a win feel good today.