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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 06/23

     Sidney Ponson, RH               Roy Halladay, RH
     (7-4, 5.13)                     (10-4, 2.53)

     2B B Roberts                    SS R Adams
     3B C Gomez                      LF F Catalanotto
     SS M Tejada                     CF V Wells
     1B R Palmeiro                   1B S Hillenbrand
     RF S Sosa                       3B A Hill
     DH J Gibbons                    DH E Hinske
     LF L Bigbie                     C  G Zaun
     CF D Newhan                     RF A Rios
     C  S Fasano                     2B O Hudson

Game time is 7:07 on CSN and RSN.

Roy Halladay is having his best season, much better than his Cy Young year. Halladay is a hell of a good pitcher. He might be the best pitcher in the AL, and the AL Cy Young race is between Halladay, Buehrle and...Kenny Rogers? Eventually The Gambler will fold. He may have started it last night.

Anyway, all that said, all that respect and praise for Halladay (all deserved), Halladay sucks against the Orioles this year. His first start (April 24), he pitched six innings, allowed nine hits and six earned runs and ate the loss. Next time, on May 4, he went 7 1/3, giving up 12 hits and five earned. It was another loss. Halladay has lost two of his last three (although one he didn't deserve, the Jays were shut out against the Cubs), but before that, his only two losses this season were against Baltimore.

Career-wise, to be fair to Roy, he is very good against the O's.

Ponson v. the Jays, why not? He was Halladay's opponent on April 24, and it was one of his best starts of the year, going the full nine and giving up just one run with seven strikeouts and five hits allowed. Ponson's career line against the Jays: 16 GS, 7-8, six complete games, 3.98/1.21. Outside of Minnesota (a team he absolutely owns) and the Angels, this is his best line against any team he has 10 or more appearances against.