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Mora/Grimsley Update

Melvin Mora is feeling a little better, and doesn't think he'll need to go on the DL. He may return to the lineup in a few days. This sounds a lot like the Roberts situation, where it was frustrating to have him on the active roster and hurt, but you had to remind yourself it was best in the long (and, hell, the short) run just to let him heal and not rush him back.

And against most odds, Jason Grimsley is actually progressing nicely. The 37-year old righty reliever will report to Bowie for a rehab assignment, expected to last about 10-12 days. He's thrown a couple of sessions that have impressed Oriole coaches.

"He worked hitters inside, outside, had a real good sinker, a real good breaking ball. I'm excited," (Ray) Miller said.

"He did a hell of a job for me last year, and I'm seeing better than I saw last year when I worked with him."

I think it's worth noting that Grimsley did not do a hell of a job last year. But what can you do? Grimsley would take Ray's spot on the roster, I assume, if he were to join the Orioles in a couple weeks.

Oh and about that Matos getting thrown out with Tejada at the plate foul-up? Mazzilli blames Matos, more or less, as Luis has the green light to run and went on his own. First of all I think it's a bit odd to air in public that it wasn't your call, since you're the manager and all, but more importantly I wonder why Matos has a green light. He's not that fast and he's never been all that great of a base stealer to begin with. He's not bad, either, but he's not Dave Roberts or anything. And in this situation, why do you not make it clear that he is not to attempt a steal? It's a stupid and risky play with Tejada at the plate.

But oh well, just some judgment questioning for the late morning and early afternoon. You make your own call.