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I'm not color blind, am I?

Who's seen The Royal Tenenbaums? Remember the line where Bill Murray's character says, very deadpan, "Well, I want to die."

That should about sum it up. This is feeling like a free-fall, and today was just awful. To sum up quickly:

  1. Bruce Chen leaves in the fifth with a sprained big toe.
  2. Jorge Julio gives up four runs in a third of an inning, Braves lead 4-0.
  3. O's get one back in the eighth and miraculously tie it up in the ninth. Never say die! Oh no, BJ Ryan has to hit with one down and the bases loaded? Let's put in Geronimo Gil.
  4. Gil grounds into a double play.
  5. The Todd is forced into a ninth-inning situation.
  6. Andruw Jones leadoff home run, good night from Atlanta.
Jeez. What can you say?