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Gameday Thread: O's at Braves - Avoid the Noid!

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               John Smoltz, RH
     (7-2, 4.37)                     (7-5, 2.88)

     2B B Roberts                    SS R Furcal
     CF L Matos                      LF K Johnson
     SS M Tejada                     2B M Giles
     1B R Palmeiro                   CF A Jones
     RF J Gibbons                    1B A LaRoche
     3B C Gomez                      3B W Betemit
     LF L Bigbie                     RF R Langerhans
     C  G Gil                        C  B McCann
     P  R Lopez                      P  J Smoltz

Game time is 1:05 on WJZ and TBS.

John Smoltz is not the pitcher want to run into when your team is on a four-game losing streak. Certainly not the last three games of Buzzsaw John Smoltz, either. After the complete roller coaster ride of yesterday's game ended with an abrupt tossing from your seat, heads smashing off the rails and all this, the team's spirits may start to get low. Things like this can really screw with players. Not all of them, but enough of them.

Lopez, inconsistent, etc. Let's win. Let's not lose.