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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 06/27

     Carl Pavano, RH                 Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (4-6, 4.69)                     (5-7, 5.54)

     SS D Jeter                      2B B Roberts
     2B R Cano                       CF L Matos
     DH G Sheffield                  SS M Tejada
     3B A Rodriguez                  1B R Palmeiro
     LF H Matsui                     RF S Sosa
     C  J Posada                     DH J Gibbons
     1B J Giambi                     3B C Gomez
     RF R Sierra                     C  S Fasano
     CF T Womack                     LF L Bigbie

Dudes, ladies, I am hyped up for this series. I hate losing, so it's time to stop that. I hate the Yankees, so it's time to stop them. Game time is 7:05 on CSN and YES.

I'm not going to present a fair and unbiased view of this series, which I do try to do most of the time. These Yankees are the most pathetic of all the recent Yankee teams, completely unlikable. They aren't even good. In fact they suck. So with his mighty fastball and intimidating height, Daniel Cabrera will strike down the opposition with clear prejudice, while Carl Pavano will be haplessly pummeled by thunderous bats in the Atlantic night.

Who's going to stop us? Jason Giambi? He's playing like Jeremy Giambi, which, granted, is an improvement over last year, when he played like Grandma Giambi. Bernie Williams? Please. Out with the old, in with the O's. Yeah. Yeah right on.

Get some.