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Sporting News Trade Rumor

How's this grab you?

The Orioles, a team in search of a No. 1 starter, could prove a match for the Marlins if they are willing to give up either right-hander Daniel Cabrera or Hayden Penn, reliever Jorge Julio and outfielder Larry Bigbie, with the Marlins likely sending them outfielder Juan Encarnacion -- another potential free agent -- along with Burnett.

Burnett, fine. He's 28 and has a lot of career ahead of him, plus he's a good pitcher. Encarnacion sucks and should be a fourth outfielder on a team that wants to contend, not the starting left fielder. I understand Florida would like to get something for him and if they're going to deal Burnett, they would probably like Baltimore to take him on too to make it more worth their while, but Juan is no real upgrade on Bigbie. They're similarly mediocre players.

Adding Burnett and giving up Cabrera or Penn is not the same as adding Pettitte or someone and giving one up, though. Burnett, like I said, has a lot of good years ahead of him. And he's proven he can be a successful major league pitcher. Injuries are always a concern with him, but he's no less a sure thing and maybe a bit more of one than Penn or Cabrera. I like both those guys, but neither projects as an ace or anything.

Anyway, I could deal with this trade if it happened and I could live without it if it didn't. I am truly indifferent, I see the good and the bad. How about you?