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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 06/28

UPDATE: Game is delayed due to rain, but will be played tonight. Don't know when.

UPDATE NO. 2: 7:35 start time, so, like, now.

     Chien-Ming Wang, RH             Sidney Ponson, RH
     (4-3, 4.31)                     (7-5, 5.42)

     SS D Jeter                      2B B Roberts
     2B R Cano                       LF L Bigbie
     DH G Sheffield                  SS M Tejada
     3B A Rodriguez                  1B R Palmeiro
     LF H Matsui                     DH J Gibbons
     C  J Posada                     RF S Sosa
     1B J Giambi                     CF L Matos
     RF R Sierra                     3B C Gomez
     CF T Womack                     C  G Gil

I love Steve Kline so much.

"I just asked [Foster] what I did and he tossed me right away," Kline said. "I used a couple of bad words, but you have to understand we're in the middle of a game. I said, 'Hell, if I'm going to be gone, I might as well get my money's worth.' I was debating if I wanted to put him in the cobra clutch."

Game time is 7:05 on CSN for us and WWOR for the Yankees.

Wang has been fairly good for the Yankees, better than I expected him to be. His K-to-BB isn't pretty, but he sure does have some Yankee fans in an uproar about how great he is, the amazing result of them not having a good young player since, jeez, Derek Jeter? Yankee fans are mad by nature and overrate their own players to amazing lengths (nah, not all of you, but just let me get to the joke), and they certainly do love Wang.

Ponson is a tub who is putting up the same numbers he did on the whole last year - worse, in fact. But he's got a 7-5 record because of luck, occasional good run support, and the here-and-there gem of an outing. The Blue Jays knocked the crap out of him last time out, but he showed the Rockies what's what before that!

Psycho Sid faced the Yankees earlier this season: 5.2 IP, 9 H, 4 ER. It wasn't what I'd term "good." However, Ponson pitched a couple of excellent games against New York last year, so there is some hope. Plus, the Yankees suck. Anyway, career-wise, Sid is 6-12 with a 4.64/1.42 line in 163 career innings against New York, which is pretty much in line with his entire career numbers.

Six games in a row is more than enough for me, you, Tejada, Tejada's dog, Melvin Mora's hamstring, Brian Roberts' soul patch, John Parrish's porno moustache (RIP), Rick Bauer's fluffy tufts of Bozo hair that peek out from under his cap, Sammy Sosa's shrunken upper body, Earl Weaver's tomato plants, Ray Miller's changeup, Daniel Cabrera's acne, Ponson's insatiable appetite for gravy, Davey Newhan's versatility, and even - yes - Steve Kline's hat. Let's get down. GET DOWN. Go O's!