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Post-game thoughts: Hyde Orioles 6, Jekyll Orioles 4

Now, first of all, the balk call was BS. There is no disputing it. Yankee fans won't dispute it. And is it just me or did Laz Diaz (first base umpire who made the call) really look like he was picking a fight with Kline?

Kline went ballistic. He stepped over the line a little and he'll rightfully get a couple games off for it probably. But at the same time, I was happy to see Steve Kline stand up for himself and the team by letting the umpires know that it was a "f---ing bull---t call." Because it was.

So good on ya, Steve. Oh and anyone that thinks Kline should be traded? Not so fast. The balk calls on him this season have been garbage and MLB needs to re-learn umpires on what is and is not a balk. Second, and more importantly, Kline had a bad April. He had a good May. He's had a good June. If you can name a better lefty reliever in the Orioles system then you're a better man than I. Kline has done his job the last two months and has my full support.

The game was a complete disaster. The balk didn't help, but let's be frank about it, the Orioles beat themselves. The Yankees did almost nothing.

This is getting rough. It is almost starting to bring to mind the frightening images of the 4-32 finish in 2002. That season was going better than expected and then WHAM! We fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Teams unravel sometimes.

But at the same time, get up and do it again tomorrow. The Yankees are beyond beatable, even by a slumping team.

And Sammy, please try to remember how to hit. Even if it's at 1997 levels. Help us out. We're the only team that wanted you.