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Lynx possibly leaving for Allentown

The Ottawa Lynx, who make no sense as our AAA affiliate and are basically ours because Rochester got sick of our crap and then we stole the Expos' team, may move to Allentown, PA, starting with the completion of a new stadium which is likely to be approved. If the move happens, the Lynx will begin play in Allentown in 2008.

This would be good for a couple of reasons. As I noted in the comments in the post before, if they want to really keep an eye on you (Penn, Dubose, Parrish, etc.), you go to Bowie. If you're beyond AA and they also don't seem to care (Young, Rakers, etc.), then you go to Ottawa. This could have a bit to do with the fact that, well, Ottawa's just too far away.

The other thing is, as the article makes mention of, Allentown hasn't had a minor league team in four decades, and new teams always do well. Ottawa is simply not drawing, and who would expect differently? Baseball in Canada - fans-wise, at least - is dying. The Expos are gone, and it felt like they were for six or seven years before they left. Toronto has been an also-ran forever. So who could expect fans to show up for the Lynx, who have gone from Expos to Orioles, not exactly the class organizations in terms of player development the last ten years or so?

Anyway, I think it's a really good idea, and with all signs pointing to it happening, should be good for the Orioles and Allentown.

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