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Gameday Thread: O's at Tigers, 06/05

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     Daniel Cabrera, RH              Mike Maroth, LH
     (4-4, 5.40)                     (4-5, 5.04)

Boston Fan in Michigan suggests in yesterday's game comments that today we will face pro pitching. I suggest this is a stretch for Mike Maroth. (Oddly, Maroth was drafted by Boston.)

But how about yesterday? Raffy, baby, Raffy. Melvin, baby, Melvin. And I am starting to appreciate John Parrish. 14 runs. That's how you get down. Now let's finish this series off with another win and head on over to Pittsburgh. The Angels gave us a hand in the meantime. Bless the Angels.

Game time is 1:05 on WJZ and FSN Detroit.