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Community Opinion: Our Man Mazz

A comment in one of the Tigers game threads that defended Lee Mazzilli got me thinking about our skipper. Being honest, most of the Mazz discussion here has been negative. He's usually brought up when we question something he does, and rarely applauded when the team is playing well, which has been most of this season.

The thing is, I've never seen much real discussion about our manager. He seems to pretty much go unnoticed for the most part. National writers don't care about him, he doesn't get loose-lipped, doesn't throw out a lot of soundbytes. He is very comparable to the man he probably learned a lot from about managing, Joe Torre. They even both do that hands down the pants bit in the dugout.

So here's one for the peanut gallery. I want to hear, in any amount of detail, how you guys feel about the job Lee has done from last season, and how you think he's improved (if he has) this season. Feel free to let loose either singing his praises if you love him, or bashing him if you think he's not the man for the job. I want to get a read on what Orioles fans think about Mazzilli, because I haven't really been able to yet.