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Gameday Thread: O's at Pirates, 06/07

     Hayden Penn, RH                 Dave Williams, LH
     (0-0, 3.60)                     (5-5, 3.75)

     CF R Nivar                      RF M Lawton
     2B C Gomez                      C  R Doumit
     3B M Mora                       3B R Mackowiak
     SS M Tejada                     LF J Bay
     RF S Sosa                       1B D Ward
     LF B Surhoff                    2B J Castillo
     1B J Gibbons                    CF T Redman
     C  S Fasano                     SS J Wilson
     P  H Penn                       P  D Williams

I want to quickly mention the addition of Bucs Dugout to SB Nation. Quite an opportunistic time for me to do so, so I believe this to be word that SB Nation, like all of baseball, now revolves around the mighty Orioles. Hurrah!

I also want to thank you guys for the great comments on the Mazz post, and keep them coming!

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and FSN Pittsburgh.

Dave Williams showed some potential in 2001 and over ten games (six starts) last year, and has been quietly very effective for the Pirates this year. A 17th round pick in 1998 out of Delaware Tech Community College. He's Alaskan-born and didn't make the club in 2003 because of injuries.

His line this year isn't stellar, but it is quite solid: 3.75 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, .235 BAA, 40 K in 60 IP.

I question Hayden Penn remaining in the major league rotation after a couple of laboring starts against the Tigers and Red Sox. I wouldn't mind seeing John Maine get a start instead of Penn tonight, because I think it's clear that while Penn certainly has talent, he is by no means ready for the big leagues. I realize it's still just a look at the potential future of the rotation, but we've gotten the look, and in my estimation, a conclusion has been reached.

Brian Roberts may be back tonight, but it's all wait-and-see. Mazz doesn't seem to want to rush this, and I applaud that.