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Gameday Thread: Indians at O's, welcome to July

     C.C. Sabathia, LH               Rodrigo Lopez, RH
     (5-4, 4.60)                     (7-3, 4.47)

The hot dog days of summer.

Game time is 7:35 CSN and FSN Ohio.

Seeeecrets: I really like C.C. Sabathia and most of the rest of the Crooked Hat Society.

Sabathia has been one of the few Indians not on a roll the last month or so. In his last start, he went five and only gave up two earned runs, but Boston hammered him on the 20th (4.2, 9 ER) and he wasn't good against Colorado five days prior to that (3.1, 6 ER, not even in Coors Field).

All three of those starts were at home. How about a split? Sabathia is 1-2, 5.57/1.36 at the Jake this year, and 4-2, 3.72/1.26 on the road.

On our side, you've got Rodrigo Lopez, who has stunk his last two outings. How about a split? Lopez is 3-1, 2.68/1.17 at Camden Yards, and 4-2, 6.10/1.43 at home.

Something's gotta give!