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If you're not watching, Bobby Abreu is putting on a hell of a show. 16 homers and counting. One went 517 feet.


Edit: Bobby Abreu led off the HR derby with 24 taters. This is going to be interesting to see how the rest of it goes. These balls have got to be juiced like crazy.

Edit 2: Jason Bay followed up with 0 taters. So, there you go. Bobby Abreu looks even more impressive now.

First Round Results (yes, ending at 10pm on the dot)

Bobby Abreu, PHI      24
David Ortiz, BOS      17
Carlos Lee, MIL       11
Pudge Rodriguez, DET   7
Hee Seop Choi, LAD     5
Andruw Jones, ATL      5
Mark Teixeira, TEX     2
Jason Bay, PIT         0

Second Round Results

Pudge Rodriguez, DET   8
Bobby Abreu, PHI       6
Carlos Lee, MIL        4
David Ortiz, BOS       3