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Abreu wins HR Derby with FORTY-ONE HOMERS

Yes, 41. 24 in the first, six in the second, 11 in the final. Pudge Rodriguez made the hometown hero run to the finals, but ran out of gas and gutted out five homers after seven and eight the first two rounds.

This was actually a really fun derby, but it was mostly because of Abreu. My upset pick, Jason Bay, really tanked. What a lemon.

It's about time Bobby Abreu became a superstar. He's more than deserving as a player, and since he plays for the Phillies, he's never had the chance to make the playoffs and explode like Beltran did last year with the Astros. The home run derby was his shot. And he crushed Tejada's record of 27 homers from last year.

Again, there will be a game thread for the All-Star Game tomorrow night, so feel free to stop by when the game starts getting too boring to really pay great attention to. We can discuss Jimmy Rollins and Scott Podsednik.